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Robei - How Can I Be More Strategic?

Designers often ask this question. Sometimes I think the question arises from a genuine desire to be doing something else which is more strategic in nature, and sometimes I think what is being asked is, how can I convince or influence others to do things my way?

The answer might be the same or it might not. I’ve started to keep track of the answers I hear to shed some light here.

  1. Change your title, brand identity, clothing, etc. in order to change perceptions of what you offer.
  2. Charge more money so that only the people who have real strategic influence can afford you.
  3. Bootstrap your way into different work.
  4. Be strategic. In Porter’s definition, strategic is long-term planning. Avail yourself of strategic tools both simple (e.g. roadmaps) and complex (futures analysis and design).
  5. Illustrate the strategic implications of seemingly tactical efforts. If strategic = long-term, show the long-term effects.
  6. Be more thoughtful, for example go beyond providing expertise to providing decision-making frameworks.
  7. Educate yourself. Strategy may be harder than finance, operations, and other business topics. Take the time to learn what strategists really do.
  8. Don’t be strategic in the usual sense. Instead, elevate your craft and expand its boundaries. See the influence and flexibility of a breakout designer like Joshua Davis.

What else have you heard?

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Flash mob - ESTÁTUA!

1,2,3... estátua!

Coisa fina, e picaretagem minha

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